Monday, October 8, 2012

Road Picture

This picture was taken off of Olive and Bank Street. It is symbolic because it shows two distinct ways the road can take one in their life. A person can find themselves living a successful life where they have accomplished many things, demostrated by the right side of the picture. Or they can also find themselves living a rough life where they live on the edge and have no expectations, shown by the left side of the picture. The over all message that one can percieve from this picture is that the road can take you many places however, it is your choice where you go.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Routes 11-117

In the first four portions of Ted Conover's The Routes of Man, he asserts that roads can support one on a journey of fortune and guide them through many obstacles however they can also come to a dead end in nothingness. Conover uses an abundance of rhetorical modes throughout the first four segments of The Routes of Man. Description is evident when he describes the apartments and the luxury at which people live. Compare/ contrast is also used when comparing the high class life style of the wealthy to the Peruvians. He also gives examples through his use of exemplification when discussing the status of the mahogany amongst the wealthy and poor. This depicts the lack of importance for items like mahogany to the poor as well as the significance it holds to the poor. This demonstrates the division and classification between social classes.